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Building Automation



Home automation is the science that deals with the study of technologies to improve the quality of life in the house.
Improving the quality of life and safety, risparmiarmio energy, convert the old environment and old plants are the basics of home automation. All this simplifies the design, installation, maintenance and use of technology.

Home automation provides the user, who lives in a home no longer traditional, or in a "smart home" appliances and systems that can perform autonomous or user-programmed functions partially.

Level in buildings superioore it comes to "building automation" or "building automation". Support for new technologies, allows the coordinated management and computerized technological systems, computer networks and communication.


The fire alarm system is a set of electronic devices arranged to detect a fire within a building, the sound signal. Mostly plants are fire alarm installed in industrial plants, warehouses and shopping centers, multi-storey buildings, hotel complexes, health clinics, etc. ...


According to the method of transmission, or satellite, telecommunications networks television is broadcast to users. Terrestrial television uses radio waves from transmitters located on the surface of the Earth to get from users, while satellite TV uses radio waves from transmitters placed on telecommunications satellites for the continent.
Terrestrial television and cable television are almost always national areas, unlike the satellite TV which serves continental regions, television broadcasting of other nations. We can say that satellite television enables perfect reception in mountainous areas, areas where terrestrial television has difficulty in providing a perfect reception.


Video surveillance has become increasingly popular in recent years the primary activity for the prevention and fight against crime.

More and more people who join a burglar alarm - burglar alarm CCTV system, connected to a control room or simply to a digital or analog video recording system with the possibility of remote control (office and / or mobile).

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