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The sun is the only inexhaustible source of energy for the available resources on our planet, and is much more evenly distributed on the planet than all other energy sources;

Lo sapevi che...?

Did you know that solar energy, which invests in a year an area of ??about two square meters in Italy amounts to about 3000 kW / h?

It 'just the annual average energy consumption of a family!

Conto energia 2011/2013
DM 6agosto 2010

Do you have a company in Italy, with a roof from 800/1000 sqm. - We'll pay you!

In recent years, this new form of investment is expanding thanks to the use of surfaces that will never be used anyway.

By giving the surface of your roof to rent you an annuity guaranteed for 20 years.
We ask only a minimum area of 800/1000 m
a) We guarantee you long term profits.
b) The annual area of plant maintenance are paid by the tenant (no charge to the owner).
c) If the roof needs maintenance takes care of the tenant (no charge to the owner).
d) Go to use surfaces that still would not use
e) contribute to the spread of non-polluting plants in favor of clean electricity
f) You can earn by renting the surface of your roof 30 / m in the course of 20 years.

If you do not need the 30 / sqm, we give you a photovoltaic system equal to the amount that you could get with the rent of the surface of your roof.
The new facility is yours!

Thanks for your time that you have granted.

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